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Hello everyone, my name is Jonathan Siordia, aka Emotempest. Before the Crystal Cup I got top 8 at the Orlando Ifrit Summoner Series and Top 8 at Petit Cup Tampa and usually top two finish at my locals. I wanted to share my story with you about my weekend at the Boston Crystal Cup. I wanna share my deck and go over my matches. This is my first written tournament report and I'm not exactly sure how to go about it but I'm gonna take a crack at it.

Deck: if you wanna here me go over my deck makes sure to stop by my YouTube(Editor's Note: Jonathan is one of our Featured Creators so make sure to check his page out!)
I honestly didn't know what to take to the Crystal Cup. I was testing mono ice, then ice/water, and the ice/earth. After further testing I realized I did not feel comfortable using ice so I went back to my original deck, water. So i made a mono water deck with a Fusoya twist. I've never really used Fusoya in any of my previous decks but I was intrigued after seeing it in action at the Cards of Ivalice tournament. I expected to see a lot of ice variants at Boston. Fusoya is a one card out to almost everything Ice throws at you. I know this because I have been at the receiving end of it. So to go over it, Locke, Setzer, Terra, Kuja, Rinoa, and Genesis all break to Fusoya. Then I thought of ways to get rid of them after Duke Larg, or any other buff comes on board. Beatrix was the perfect thing I needed to deal with 8k forwards. So I had my idea and then I just put it all together. There were a lot of things that didn't make the cut like the 2CP Knight, Garnet, Porom even the third Cagnazzo. So here is the deck:
Forwards 25 
¤ 3x [3-125C] Ephemeral Summoner
¤ 3x [2-121H] Ashe
¤ 2x [4-135R] Beatrix
¤ 2x [3-130R] Cagnazzo
¤ 2x [4-140H] Mog (VI)
¤ 2x [5-141H] Refia
¤ 3x [4-129L] Steiner
¤ 3x [1-163L] Tidus
¤ 2x [2-129L] Cecil
¤ 1x [5-126L] Cloud of Darkness
¤ 2x [3-144L] Lenna
Backups 17
¤ 2x [2-130C] Astrologian
¤ 3x [5-166S] Rasler
¤ 2x [1-157C] Scholar 
¤ 3x [1-177R] Yuna
¤ 2x [2-146H] Fusoya
¤ 2x [1-171H] Minwu
¤ 3x [1-180R] Wakka
Summons 8
¤ 2x [5-133H] Bismarck
¤ 3x [1-178R] Leviathan
¤ 3x [2-133R] Cuchulainn, the impure

Round 1 vs Earth/ Wind
So my opponent was playing earth/ wind Vincent yuffie. He did give me a little trouble with Maria backup and Opus V Y'shtola on the board. I let a few damage slide through and proceeded to have Tidus use blitz ace to swing through his forwards and deal all the damage. I learned in this match that Y'shtola is not that scary. Forcing her out of the board by using a summon is just as good. WIN

Round 2 Vs Earth/ Fire
Fusoya and Beatrix took care of everything this game. Wol, Opus 1 Cloud, Vincent, and few others didn't last. Since I opened both Fusoya and Beatrix I just kept swinging for one and continued to add pressure to the board. Felt safer after hitting Shantotto in one the damage points. WIN

Round 3 Vs Earth/ Fire
A little similar to my previous round. My opponent went first and dropped back up and a forward. I opened up Mog VI. I threw down Mog first turn and he stayed out the rest of the game. While my opponent was playing normal game I sped up drawing three cards per turn for the rest of the game. Draw power FTW! WIN

Round 4 Vs Mono Lightning
So I felt like I drew a really bad hand even after mulligan. No backups no Mog and no Fusoya, nada. I opened Lenna and double ephemeral so I pitched 3 to open two forwards, Lenna and ephemeral, searched Bismarck to hold off attacks if i had to since I knew he wasn't going to attack the following turn. My opponent appeared to open bad as well so he played a Lightning and traded a few points with me but I eventually drew out better with Fusoya and all my summons. WIN

Round 5 Vs Mono Lightning
My only loss but probably the best game. Even though we are teammates and the pressure was off I didn't hold anything back. Made some cool plays with fusoya > cuchulain > beatrix and broke his board.  Tried using blitz ace was my mistake I could saved the resources instead. I saw an opening and I took it I got greedy ahaha. Great game and after i was 4-1 LOSS

Round 6 Vs Water/ Wind Standard Units:
My opponent went first and dropped two back ups, Arc and Maria first turn. I dropped Mog and ran away with it again. In three turns I had more presence on the board and sure enough Blitz ace to wrap it up. WIN

Round 7 Vs Mono Wind Chocobo Rush
I got paired down here. I was confused at first but I think i know why it happened. SO they calculated damage taken into consideration for tie breaker points. I was safe either way at this point to get in to Top 16 but because I got down paired I felt like I could afford to lose. When I realized it was a rush deck I focused on getting Fusoya on board along with any forward. I would build a wall and let Fusoya deal with them one by one. I wanna say I blitz aced here as well but I honestly don't remember. I know I did it many times during swiss but I don't remember which matches exactly. WIN
DAY 2:

Top 16 Vs Fire Ice Chris Adam RVA Returners Youtuber
Super Cool guy playing Fire Ice Aggro. Fortunate for me I knew what to expect from the match up. Game one was the worst for me lol I lost so fast it wasn't funny. The pressure was on but I kept my cool and changed my strategy. I had to change the pace of the deck I opened Fusoya and Beatrix game two and game three I opened Mog VI. As my previous matches shows these are key cards to keep your opponent behind. Also it helped a lot that I saw him pitch Duke Larg game three. Final score was 2-1 in my favor but was a good game. Make sure to check our the RVA Returner youtube.

Top 8  Vs Mono Lightning Round 4 Rematch.
Arlyn was a super chill Boston local. Round 1 was all Ashe. She did not let him do anything She single-handedly won round 1 for me. I used her ability to activate several times that game. Round 2 was tough because he opened better than I did. All I got was Rasler ( no Ashe) and Yuna for backups. We traded damage points till I was facing Lightning, Ramza, Illua, Rygdea, and Zemus. I let him get me to 6 damage (with one lucky Leviathan EX in there) so I could try to blitz ace because I felt like the round was lost. Luckily for me It worked out exactly like I planned. I blitz aced with 6 attacks for the last 4 points of damage. Since everyone had attacked I was just worried with ex burst which had to be Odin because he only had three back ups for Edea.

Top 4 Vs Mono Water Monsters
To be honest I went into this match with every intention of winning lol but i knew the match up was not in my favor. I had playtested thursday night against water/wind monsters and I knew it was not a good match up. It didn't help that I got locked in round  1 by Emperor and Clione. I had opened up good with fusoya and Mog but I couldn't use either. I had to use up all my leviathans just to use my abilities. Round 2 I sort of misplayed because I wasn't clear on Bismarck damage reductions. I can't say it was the reason I lost but the play definitely made it so I didn't win the game. That was it GG

Overall: The whole event was a blast I wanna give a shout-out to everyone I met. Arlyn, Chris Adams, Max, Okimoto, Kyle, Berkley, Joe, Sarah, Collin, Kelsey, Rice, Irvine, Kozmer, Greg, and Richard. Made the whole event 10x better because I met so many positive people involved in the community and of course to My teammate Andy and my team, TCGTitans. My goal was to break my Top 8 curse and to get the Nats invite and I did both of those things so I am happy. Catch you guys next time!

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