FFTCG Opus XII Spoiler - Odin by Sam Prime

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Hey there, Sam Prime here. I’m excited to bring you my first Heroic Opus XII spoiler, Odin 12-077H from FFIX.

Most Odins tend not to deal damage but DEATH! This Odin is no exception. Like Odin 1-124, Odin 12-077H has no restrictions on what type of forward he can break. The major difference here is that this Odin doesn’t have EX-Burst tied to it. But it does have a major upside and that is cost reduction. Cost reduction is one thing I see newer players discount as insignificant but it can have a huge impact on the game.  

Odin 1-124RLightning 10-101L

Before COVID-19 there was already a pretty popular deck that was chucking in Odin’s for Lightning 10-101L. Earth/Lightning Ranperre 10-104R relied on it’s cards CP cost remaining high so the hits with Fusoya 9-904L were averaging >4.5cp per card. Odin 12-077H definitely takes some of the sting off of flipping a Ranperre with Fusoya, allowing you 8k a forward, rather than 5k. Additionally, it’s actually a reasonable summon to cast late game once a few other Odins are in the break zone. 

Ranperre 10-104RFusoya 9-094L

So how playable is it really? Well the last CC was won by that very same Earth/Lightning deck. Since then Opus 11 has brought us card combos like Marche/Ritz, Braska’s Final Aeon + Anything, and Kadaj. And while individually this card isn’t nearly as strong as any of the aforementioned cards, it does cleanly Zantetsuken any of them, and it might just be the most cost-efficient ace in the hole in your deck. 

I’m looking forward to more reasons to play the Opus 10 Lightning. Until then stay safe and don’t forget to vote. Thank you to Richelle Brady and SE/HJ for allowing me to share a spoiler and to Sergio of TCG Titans for hosting. Y'all the best.

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