Final Fantasy TCG Opus VI Spoiler

Posted by Sergio Bravo-Garcia on

Hey FFTCG fans!

Sergio here with our very own Opus VI spoiler. First I'd like to thank you all for continuing to support this incredible game and I'd like to thank Square and Richard Brady for giving me the chance to share in the spoiler season excitement. Without further ado here is our spoiler. 

So giving a quick look at the card we have a 2CP backup which is always nice to start a game with. It's ability allows you to pay 2 Earth CP and break the card to bring an Earth summon back to hand. This is a pretty nice ability in the late game where a well placed summon can be all you need to swing a game in your favor. Do note that it specifically refers to Earth summons so it has a bit less value in combination decks but could still be used. Here are a few Earth summons that you may want to be bringing back from the break zone with this card:

With the previews we have seen so far such as Ajido-Marujido and the new Legend Minwu it seems that summons may get a real big chance to shine in Opus VI. Make sure you guys hit up your LGS for sneak previews on July 7-8th and keep it locked right here on July 13th when we unleash our Opus VI singles!

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