Pokemon Guardians Rising Theme Deck

Pokemon Guardians Rising Theme Deck

  • $12.00

Island Guardians, Ready For Battle!

Visit Alola For Pokemon Fun, From The Beaches To The Mountain Peaks And Discover New Traditions And New Challenges! Meet The Island Guardians Tapu Koko-Gx And Tapu Lele-Gx, And Sharpen Your Skills With Kahuna Hala And Captain Mallow! Be Amazed By The Secret Powers Of Kommo-O-Gx, Lycanroc-Gx, Metagross-Gx, Sylveon-Gx, Toxapex-Gx, Vikavolt-Gx, And Many More! Come To The Islands, And Seize The Power Of The Pokemon Tcg: Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Expansion!

Steel Sun Theme Deck:

A Pokémon of fiery power: Solgaleo! This well-tempered deck puts both Metal and Psychic power in your hands—and tests your opponent’s mettle. Stay sharp with the Steel Sun theme deck!

Hidden Moon Theme Deck:

Hurtling across the sky on purple wings, Lunala leads a fiery crew of Pokémon! Keep your Pokémon evolving and bide your time until you reveal the power of the Hidden Moon theme deck!